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Timantanga Hou 
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Real People, Real Talk, Real Change

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Developed by former New Zealand Maori and New Zealand Rugby League player Jaye Pukepuke, the purpose of Bros for Change is to give young people who have been labelled, a second chance to create real change through real talk with real people. Bros for Change is here to create self-esteem, self-awareness, self-respect and self-management and role models for the next generations from young people right through to serious youth offenders.

We are not about ticking boxes for funding or just babysitting your children we are here to help make real change.

As a catalyst for positive change ensuring everyone reaches their full potential, regardless of their background, Bros for Change uses a strong sense of culture and identity to form the basis of its programme. By using the protocols of Te Ao Maori the programme helps to break down barriers and build strong relationships through encouraging respect for both the participants and the facilitators.

By incrementally increasing goals from day-to-day objectives through to long term goals we ensure that goal setting is realistic and achievable so that we do not set our young people up to fail. This encourages the individual to learn self-worth and confidence as they progress to more demanding goals. Using this approach we create a clear individual pathway to the major functional goals such as a drivers license, apprenticeship training or becoming a member of a sports team.​

Within this framework we run Mau rakau, physical training sessions, cooking sessions, camps and wananga along with whanau inclusive activities.

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If you'd like to find out more, donate or help us in any way, feel free to contact us.

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