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Our Programmes

Get in touch with us for a free no obligation quote.

If you are interested in making change then we are here to support you. Like a Big Bro instead of a babysitting service.


Like the outdoors? We do too. If you want to get amongst it contact us now and we can let you know what we've got planned. Enjoying nature at its best, kai gathering and lots more.

Physical Training

We workout! Training options are available and tailored to suit all skill levels.


Not everything is going to be handed to you on a plate but we'll teach you how to cook some mean as feeds that taste good and are healthy for you as well.


If health is important to you then it's important to us. Talk to one of us today and we will support you to achieve your health goals.

Mission Statement

​"​​To provide a realistic therapeutic approach for rangatahi."

"We make real change for the future by utilising a sense of culture, identity, tikanga and values, within a safe and supportive environment."

Core Values
  • Reality Based Learning

  • Whanau Inclusion

  • Positive Role Models

  • Physical Training

  • Safe and Secure Environment

Bros for Change would like to thank the following:

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