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Tane Mahuta 6/6/-3/0

Tane Mahuta 6/6/-3/0

These are limited edition series. There are only 1001 available.

There are 5 different greens depicting the colours found in the forest. 

When you order you will receive one at random. 

You can request a specific number but be aware that it may not be available.


You can check them out at our online premises

Bros for change 132 Wainoni Road, Christchurch


Tane Mahuta

The idea of having an Atua (Māori Gods) series of discs came about when practicing throwing discs and trying to connect to the disc.

As a hunter and gatherer in Aotearoa (New Zealand) when I hunt or dive, I connect to the land or the sea and it brings peace and a tranquil sense of belonging allowing me to reset.


I wanted to connect to the disc and visualize its path of travel slowing it down and almost pausing everything around it. This was the catalyst for connecting the discs to the Atua.

We had to think of what Atua was appropriate for the disc which is where Tane Mahuta came in.


The disc itself was called the Piwakawaka (fantail) which you will find chatting to you as it passes through the forest. The colors of the disc are found in the forest. Tāne himself in Māori mythology separated his mother and father to bring light into this world and now also bringing the light of our people to you using this story on the disc.


If you scan or click the QR code you can discover more of Tāne Mahuta.

Perhaps it's safe to say that no other Atua is more aspired and revered than Tāne. His relevance to us has remained throughout the generations and his character continues to inspire us in our daily lives. All the more, we need to pass on the stories of his unmatched persistence and his level-headed disposition. His persistence and determination are unmatched, as it emanates in the narrative of how he pushed his parents apart. The story of his bravery and boldness inspires us, especially in the story of how he acquired the three baskets of knowledge despite all the challenges and obstacles. He inspires us to maintain harmonious relationships amidst differences to achieve a common goal.



Io te kaihanga Io taketake Io mātua kore

Manaakitia mai eñei taonga Kia hora ake ki te ao katoa

Whiua ki te rāngi Whiua ki te po Whiua ki a rātou ngā iwi katoa

Haumi e hui e taiki e

Supreme creator, ancient one without parents, bless these treasures

Spread them throughout the world, thrown to the day, thrown to the night, thrown to all people of the world.

Unify and advance.



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